Artemis Cadeau

Balenciaga || SS14
Summer Jellies by artemiscadeau showing what to wear with crop tops
Witch-tastic by artemiscadeau
Childhood Memories by artemiscadeau
Etsy-TASTIC ♥♥ #2 by artemiscadeau
• skeleton edition ☺
Etsy-TASTIC ♥♥ #1 by artemiscadeau
Summer ~ by artemiscadeau featuring barry m
Birthday wishes ~

Sebastian Sauve at Alexis Mabille and Qasimi
new shirt ♥♥♥


I’m seriously thinking about starting a zine “line” with a zine coming out about every 3 months. Maybe one should be about feminism, one with DIY’s, celebrating other people’s work and maybe one there’s a coloring book.

I’d love to do make some with small gifts and they’ll only be about $5/£3 or something. Eeeek, but only if anyone’s interested?